Amazian Mountain River Lodge – Himeville

Amazian Mountain River Lodge


Amazian Mountain Lodge in South Africa is a place where dreams come true. This was certainly the case with Brent and Trudie Snyman, who gave up the city life to follow their dream of owning and managing their own lodge in the beautiful Drakensberg Mountains.
When they first saw the spot where the lodge stands today, they immediately realized it was the place they had dreamed about – a place so beautiful that words can never describe it.
The acquisition of the land and the building of the lodge was no easy task. Not only was there the inevitable shortage of funds, but also their dream lodge was of such a high standard that it would not allow for compromises. The lodge would not satisfy them unless it could become something so unique and luxurious that just visiting it would be like a dream come true for the visitor.

The result was Amazian Mountain River Lodge as it stands today. Huge private rooms all feature their own spa and veranda from where you can enjoy the view over the unspoiled beauty of the Drakensberg Mountains with its hills, valleys and rivers. The rooms are far apart in order for everybody to enjoy complete privacy. Amazian Mountain River Lodge is truly a place where every night turns out to be a honeymoon.

Contact Details

Telephone: +27(0)82 444 4235
Mobile: 082 562-5051
Address: Coleford Rd Underberg/Himmeville/Sani’s Pass, , Himeville


Please contact the establishment directly for alll rates information. Thank you.

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