Campervan Cooking – Bream(fish) in Banana Leaf

Bream in Banana Leaf

Bream in Banana Leaf

Hello again

Well, we have left the Underberg (and the cold brrrrrr) and moved back to the coast, this time to a warmer climate. We are in the very picturesque Port Shepstone area on the South Coast of KwaZulu Natal.  Our weather has been beautiful, thus far… warm days… balmy evenings and no wind.   Just yesterday a local fisherman arrived with some freshly caught bream, so our next episode of Campervan Cooking was born… what an awesome way to cook fish.  Our banana leaves were c/o Charlotte our hostess here at Lalanathi, our fish freshly caught ‘off the rocks’ just in front of Lalanathi and avos from one of the neighbours trees, talk about keeping it ‘in the family’.

I’m not a ‘fish’ person myself, but we called upon Charlotte, Barry and the boys to ‘test our wares’.  We got the ‘thumbs up’.

We hope you have fun cooking our Bream in Banana as much as we enjoyed preparing it.

Until next time

From all of us to all of you.



Fresh Bream (or any other fresh fish you might like to use) – prepared
Fish spice
Slices of fresh lemon
Lemon butter
1 Banana Leaf

Score the fish on either side, deep enough to insert the lemon butter.  In the cavity of the fish, put slices of fresh lemon, some fish spice and a knob of lemon butter. On both sides of the fish, add fresh lemon slices and a little fish spice.

Immerse the newspaper in water until saturated.   Prepare the banana leaf by wiping with a damp cloth to make sure that all insects/nasties have been removed.  Wrap the prepared fish ‘parcel like’ in the banana leaf and then wrap in the very wet newspaper.

Over a medium heat barbeque,  lay the parcel of fish and cook on each side until the wet newspaper is completely dry.   The fish inside should be cooked.

Serve over cooked bananas prepared as follows:

In a frying pan, melt some butter, add some cinnamon and lemon juice.  Slice the fresh bananas in half and fry gently in the lemon/butter/cinnamon mixture until just soft.  Can be served lukewarm.

Side salad of avocado slices and tomato, salt and pepper.

Please leave a comment to let us know if you enjoyed watching this cooking demo as much as did making it.

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