Trip Blog from 7 November to 10 November 2013 – Kiwi Land, we’ve arrived in New Zealand

Lakai and Luella with xmas tree

Lakai and Luella decorating the xmas tree

Hello there again….well our last few days in Australia passed all too quickly.  We left Julian and Sue’s on the Friday 8 November and once again made our home with Nick, Tanaelle and the twins in Cromer… our last two sleeps before leaving on Sunday the 10th to New Zealand… still lots to do in Sydney.  We had an amazing ‘early Christmas’ with the family.  Tanaelle went to a lot of trouble (thank you 🙂 ) –  for putting up the Christmas tree with all the decorations, decorating the table so beautifully and for the yummy potato and salad dishes.  Of course the twins helped in every way.  All to quickly it was time to get packing and sorting before leaving Oz and winging our way to NZ.

Tanaelle's yummy xmas dinner

Tanaelle’s yummy xmas dinner

Thank you again, our wonderful family…Nick, Tanaelle, Lakai and Luella for the special times, the challenges we faced, the things we learned, the growth we experienced having you in our lives for a short time and for giving us the pleasure of spending as much time as we could with our beautiful grandies…we feel blessed in every way.

So Sunday morning, early Nick took John and I to the airport….our flight left round 11.30am, but there is a two hour time difference between Oz and NZ.  We had an amazing trip aboard Air New Zealand…we were able to watch a movie and were served such yummy food for such a short flight… was very impressed.  We arrived at Auckland airport but…oh my… took us about 2 hours to get through customs and passport clearance… I think the whole of Auckland decided to arrive back after their weekend away (bearing in mind it is very close to Australia).  Poor

Peter and Norma Paice

Peter and Norma Paice

Mom and Peter had been waiting a very long time for us at arrivals… but when we saw them both… the time we spent in the queue faded into the distance… there were shouts of ‘hello’ and lots of cuddles and hugs.  Norma stayed at home and had prepared us a very yummy supper…needless to say, it was a late night with all the chatting and sharing going on.   With full tummies, happy hearts and tired eyes, we went to bed…excited at the next 3 and a half weeks in New Zealand…..WATCH THIS SPACE.

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