Our Bullies

When our dream became a reality, we were asked the same question so many times and it went something like this ‘So, tell me, what are you going to do with your dogs when you leave?  Are you putting them in kennels or selling them?’  Huh! Would you sell your children or put them into a children’s hotel if you planned  to travel?!….NO…. I don’t think so!!!!   Our lives would not be as rich as they are, without our two bullmatiffs Quince and Gypsey.  They are very much part of our family, so being PART OF, means they are PART OF our journey too.   Quince is 3 years old, male and a beautiful deep red.  He has an awesome nature, loves children and people, just has a bit of a testosterone hype round ‘male dogs who test him’, lol.   Quince knocked on our door several times, before he came to live with us from the Farhills Kennel in Malemesbury…thank you Jody for being so persistent.  Quince is going to be a DADDY soon. Our pretty Gypsey Rose, is a beautiful fawn girl with black mask.  Gyp’s is all FEMALE and loves attention.  She is going to be a MAMA on the 18 June 2012.  If you want to check out our website it is http://www.stonehurstbullmastiffs.co.za  – we will be posting pics of the new puppies as they grow.  Gypsey is from the La Gratitute Kennel in Pinelands and was the only girl in her litter.  So you can just imagine, Gypsey holds her own round the boys. Quince and Gypsey will be travelling with us and sharing our ad-ventures and experiences.  Join us and them to see what exciting challenges we are going to experience and how we overcome them on our travels, especially when it comes to allowing our dogs to stay in caravan parks where dogs are a NO-NO.


Cintsa Beach Walk

It was another lazy Saturday afternoon in Cintsa. Tina was indulging in a siesta so I decided to take the dogs for a leisurely beach walk. One of the most appealing things about Cintsa is the pristine sandy beach that follows the curve of the bay for miles. Tina and I had noticed an astonishing […]