19 January – 28 January 2013

Gypsey in the Zook

Gypsey in the Zook

So, after spending one more night at Family Willows, Mum and Dad decided it was time for some fun in Grahamstown.  We left quite early on Saturday morning, although Dad did say it wasn’t far to travel, phew thank goodness for that, it meant I wouldn’t have to be in the campervan for longer than was necessary.  It was very, very hot the morning we left, so we rode all the way with the aircon on.  Gypsey, as usual, was her normal boring self…slept all the way, only ever showing the slightest bit of interest, if Mum rattled a packet, which could have, might have indicated some food was being shared around, woof, woof.

Lord of the manor with Quince and Gypsey- Grahamstown

Lord of the manor with Quince and Gypsey- Grahamstown

We arrived just after lunch.  Dad decided it was time for a bit of a cultural exploration and experience.  Little did we know that Grahamstown becomes a Ghosttown on Saturday afternoons when the shops are all closed up.  The Rhodes students are not in town either, so it was very, very quiet.  So, after getting the campervan sorted, leads out, we headed into Grahamstown.  But, first of all, we went through the Botannical Gardens.  It was so amazing, cause we got to sniff, poop and pee all over the place..we just wanted to make sure the other Grahamstown pooches knew we were in town.   Woof, Woof.

Donkey carts - Grahamstown

Donkey carts – Grahamstown

Boy, oh boy we really walked through some dodgey (guffaw, I said dodgey, not doggy) places.  People  just standing around staring, litter all over the place, weird.   Gypsey and I decided we needed to keep close to Dad and Mum, you know, just in case.  After about an hour or so, Mum decided she had, had enough of this rather dodgey scene and wanted to head home…must admit we were both with her 100%.  I know Dad would have just loved to have had a little more time so that he could click, click, click with his camera, but hey, seriously now, could see Mum was starting to sort of head into ‘panic mode’ woof.

Back at camp, Mum decided she had been culturely shocked, didn’t want to go to that dodgey part of town again..if Dad wanted, fine by her, but she would rather read her book or do some retail therapy.   Dad mentioned not being able to download his pics, so we headed off next morning into the village of Grahamstown to find a free wi-fi spot.  Oh boy it was soooo hot, with tongues hanging out, Gyps and I dragged ourselves along with Dad and Mum, hoping, just hoping we might be offered a cool drink of water at the free wi-fi spot, wherever the heck that was.

Our yard at Makana Resort

Our yard at Makana Resort

Now for some real fun and games….there were quite alot of people  that arrived one morning for a seminar at the camp we were staying at.  Gypsey and I were ‘on guard’, grrrr woof.   One of the cleaning ladies, decided she would be clever, even after Mum had warned her not to come too close to our campervan.  She laughed and decided to chance it anyway.   Gyps barked to scare her off, but this lady lifted her head and challenged us.  Woof, woof, Gypsey got out under the wind protector and gave chase, me in tow.    Awwwwww, Mum spoilt it for both of us, when giving us a command to stop, the lady managed to get into a bathroom.  Spoilsports these humans woof.   Hehehehe, but after that, we managed to fend off the humans we didn’t like and all was well.

Our stay was coming to an end, the next stop is a place called Cintsa West,  woof, woof, sea, beach, sand, oh yes please, groooooowl, woof.  Happy are we.

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