Bullie Blog 17 April 2013 – 7 May 2013

Me cruising in the Zook

Me cruising in the Zook

On the morning of our departure for Coffee Bay, I began to get the shivers and my tail wouldn’t come out from between my legs.  Gypsey on he other hand was ‘miss priss’, she couldn’t wait to go… had, had enough of Cintsa (grr typical female).   I just couldn’t get my head and ears around the fact that I had to go into the campervan again for a long journey… eeek… I just hate travelling in the van. Mom gave me a couple of good doses of Rescue Remedy which calms me down and makes me sleep.  So goodbyes said, we were on our way to Coffee Bay.

Me and Gyps were wondering whether we would make as many new friends there, as we had in Cintsa, well let’s find out as our blog carries on.

Coffee Bay potholes

The road into Coffee Bay is potted with holes

The last 70kms from the N2 to Coffee Bay were a real nightmare.   Grrrrrrr, I felt like my teeth were chattering and my kidneys and liver were loosened. Gyps felt exactly the same way…. there were so many potholes in the road that Dad had to avoid, we were swaying around and going from side to side… eeeeek I’m going to be sick… or am I?   Not sure as my tummy feels like its turned inside out… whine, when are we going to be there.

Coffee Bay lalie dogs

Lalie dogs in Coffee Bay

Phew….at last… I can see the sign that says ‘Coffee Bay Camping’ and yes, yes… I can see a dog, OH, we can see plenty of dogs, hmm but I’m not sure they will want to play with us… they are so skinny and boney, don’t think they have been fed much in a long time (makes us special, I’d say).  Mike the Manager of the campsite has a doggie called Amour, but she is very small and doesn’t really have very much to say.  She pretty much ignored me and Gyps from day one… well… that’s okay…we will have fun when KD arrives with Mand’ and Zill’.

John with dogs at Hole in the wall

With Dad at hole in the wall

Once Dad and Mom had finished setting up our camp, we were taken (on leash), for a walk around the campsite, which is pretty large I might add.  We also found a gate leading to this magnificent beach and nobody was there. Heehaaa woof, woof, me and Gyps raced up and down chasing each other, we had such fun… but then it was back to camp and relax time.

The next day we took a really bumpy ride to Hole in the Wall.  Guess what… the Hotel is dog friendly, so we were allowed to sit on the patio with Dad and Mum and have lunch.  We had an awesome walk on the beach while Dad took pics, then through a forest, up a ravine and back to the Hotel.  Plenty cows, kids and horses, so we were kept on leash again (sigh).

KD with Zillah at Bomvu Store

KD with Zillah at Bomvu Store

Mum wasn’t too happy about walking through Coffee Bay… she was pretty nervous on our behalf, especially because of the packs of ‘lallie’ dogs all around… Dad on the other hand said she was being ‘silly’.  So we got to have walks with Dad through Coffee Bay and with Mum when we went to the beach or on a hike.

Coffee Bay was pretty gross actually…..the roads are full of rubbish… there is a communal dumping ground just outside on the main road where everybody takes their litter.   You will usually find loads of pigs, lallie dogs and donkeys mulling around, picking through the rubbish for scraps.  Its actually quite sad really when we see our brothers and sisters having to live like this… that is when me and Gyps feel quite privileged to live the life we do with our chosen family woof woof.

Coffee Bay camping

Our home for the stay in Coffee Bay

We are so excited cause our friend KD is arriving in the morning and guess what… our campsite is big enough for them all to camp alongside us… we are going to have such fun on the beach together, chasing each other around.   Last night Dad and Mum got some crayfish, oysters and mussels.  We are doing a big ‘cookout’ for our guests tomorrow night AND we get to taste crayfish for the very first time, YUM.

Gypsie checking the Crayfish

Gypsie checking the Crayfish

Just got word that the Croney’s have arrived at Coffee Bay Camping… time for us to fetch them and show them where to camp.   KD was sleeping on the back seat.  I think he also suffers from ‘travel blues’ like I do… poor KD.

Anyway, enough of feeling sorry for ourselves.   We had a magnificent seafood feast with the Croneys and us dogs ate so much crayfish… we were walking around like pot bellied pigs woof woof.

Gypsey recovering from long walk

Gypsey recovering from long walk

The next two weeks were taken up with long walks, chasing KD around and a hike which took us 3 hours in the hot sun.   Poor Gyps kept lying down, every moment she got.  Mum was worried in case she didn’t make it back… woof… we did though… we slept for the rest of the afternoon and the night, we were so exhausted.   We also took a hike with the Croney’s to White Clay… I am still not so lekker with water, but Gyps in her true style went right in.  I decided to chase KD around again and then sit with Mum under a rock in the shade… leaving the exercise to the rest of them.

KD at White Clay - Coffee Bay

KD at White Clay

On the way back from White Clay KD (excuse me…who was off lead), decided to chase some goats… careful KD, you might just get headbutted.   Me and Gyps were kept on lead… just because.

A couple of nights, us dogs stayed in camp on guard, while the humans went for pizza and drumming… don’t think our poor ears would have stood up to the noise woof, woof.

All too soon, it was time to say good-bye again to our friends, as we were heading to the Underberg and to a farm  heeeehaaa, woof, woof, yelp, yelp.. long farm walks… here we come.

We heard Mum and Dad say we would be meeting up with our friends again, along the way, but for now, we were heading out to Underberg.

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