Campervan Cooking – From The Sea

From the Sea

From the Sea


4 medium crayfish (to remove the entrails, break off one of the feelers and insert the thick end into the rear of crayfish, twist and pull, this should remove the entrails)
Mussels (make sure all are cleaned and de-bearded, keep in fresh water until ready for barbequing.)  Remove all mussels that are already open and discard.
Basmati Rice
Chopped mushrooms, onions and green pepper
Spice for rice

Additional not cooked:

Oysters (served with lemon and Tabasco); these will need to be shucked before serving.

Sauce for basting Crayfish:

Fresh lemon juice

Melt all ingredients, pour into a stainless steel jug and keep warm on the barbeque/braai until required for basting crays.

Method for Savoury Rice:

Pre-cook the basmati rice and keep warm in an eco bag or on the edge of the fire. In a pot add butter, melt and then add chopped mushrooms, onions and green pepper. Once sautéed, then add the cooked basmati rice. Combine all ingredients.  Add some spice for rice (if required), or just plain old salt and pepper. Keep warm in an eco bag, in a warming oven or on the edge of the fire.

 Method for Crayfish and Mussels:

On a moderate to hot coal fire, barbeque the lobster/crayfish until the shell turns a nice uniform pinkish orange colour.   Add the mussels to the grid and steam until the shells are open. The flesh of the mussels should be a either an orange or tan colour when ready.  Mussels can be moved to a stainless steel pan with lid to keep warm. Remember here again, any mussels that have not opened when cooking, discard.

Plate with savoury rice and serve with a chilled white wine or campaign.

Enjoy watching our cooking demonstration of From the Sea with Mandy Croney demonstrating the braaiing technique. This was definitely one of the funnest cooking demo’s we’ve done. And the meal was really fantastic.

Please leave us a comment to let us know what you think of our cooking demo’s. Thanks.

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