Coffee Bay Camping – Coffee Bay, Wild Coast

Coffee Bay - Wild Coast

Coffee Bay – Wild Coast

Accommodation for our campervan wasn’t an easy exercise as the few camping/caravan sites in Coffee Bay were not accessible for caravans or campers, that is, until we found Coffee Bay Camping.    Run by Corrie and Bucks from Port Edward and when they are not there, ably managed by Mike and his doggie Amour, we were blown away by this ‘little piece of paradise’.   Coffee Bay Camping was in actual fact the Municipal Caravan/Camping site in Coffee Bay, until Bucks and Corrie took it over about 3 years ago.  The area was cleaned up, fenced and Bucks did a marvellous job of restoring the bathrooms and adding hot water showers and an extra ablution.   50% of the profits they make, they give back to the community.

Camp site - Coffee Bay Camping

Camp site – Coffee Bay Camping

There are about 50 campsites, each one nestled in a little piece of wilderness, private and cosy.   Lots of lush shrubs, trees and creepers, entwined with each other, create a tropical feel.   In the background, the crashing of the waves on rocks completes the picture.

Because Coffee Bay is so remote, the campsite only has a few sites that are electrified, so if you are wanting electricity for your campervan or caravan, let Mike or Corrie know when you book.  There is an extra daily charge for electricity.   Too many people in the campsite all at once, does cause a problem with showers, so in summer, there are ample cold water showers outside that can be used, however winter does present a problem, so it is best to stagger showers in the morning or evening with your fellow campers, just so that you don’t get scalded or frozen when the water goes from hot to cold, while you are showering.

Coffee Bay Camping

Coffee Bay Camping

All the campsites have very quaint braai facilities and wood can be purchased at Reception from the locals who collect it.  Priced at round R30 a bag.  Ice is on sale at R25 a bag.

We had our laptops with us and reception was excellent.  We managed to get connectivity to 3G all the time we were there.  Cellphone reception is also strong.

We stayed a month at the campsite, pensioners rates for a month is R1 850 (inclusive of electricity).

Just a caution to everybody though…when you leave your campsite, make sure that everything is packed away. Unfortunately John and I left a toolbox and bicycle pump out while we were visiting Hole in the Wall. We came back to find, they had both walked.

Papazela's Pizzas - Coffee Bay

Papazela’s Pizzas – Coffee Bay

There are no laundry facilities at Coffee Bay Camping, however, if you are wanting laundry done, Corrie will organise for one of the local ladies to come in for the day.  She will do all your washing by hand, hang it up and when dry, fold it.   If you are wanting to go out for the day, then structure your day so that the lady does laundry for you and also sits at your tent, caravan or campervan while you are out, for security.  This will cost you R50 per day for both laundry and security.

During season, Corrie and Bucks do organise for local security in the evenings.

Lots to see and do in Coffee Bay….great pizzas and seafood.  Definitely worth a visit.

4 Responses to Coffee Bay Camping – Coffee Bay, Wild Coast

  1. That will be my first visit at coffee camping,and my wife and i really looking forward to spend our December holiday there.
    Just a question is that save to camp there and is the road accessible for a double cab bakkie with a Gypsy 4B caravan.

    Rean Barnard May 19, 2013 at 6:34 pm Reply
    • Hi Rean
      Coffee Bay camping is very safe, but you need to make sure that you don’t leave anything valuable outside when you leave your van. Petty theft is a reality in most areas of South Africa so best to keep your belongings inside the van. We had a toolbox stolen while there, it was left outside the campervan when we did a day trip to Hole in the Wall. The access road is OK. Just be aware that the last 30KM is a bit potholed so just take it easy. When we left in April 2013, there was a lot of activity repairing the roads so maybe it will be fine when you visit. Enjoy. e had a great visit to Coffee Bay and will definitely be back.

      John & Tina

      johnbotton May 19, 2013 at 6:43 pm Reply
  2. Thanks John,we can’t wait for December,can you perhaps give me a list of places to go while there,and is there a shop where you can buy the basics,or do you have to take everything with.
    Is there braai fisilities,and can buy fish from the locals,should I not be able to catch anything.

    Rean Barnard May 21, 2013 at 8:18 pm Reply
    • Hi Rean
      There are loads of walks around the Coffee Bay area. And of course the famous “Hole in the Wall” about ten kilometers along the coast. Make that a day trip and have lunch at the Hole in the Wall hotel. If you’re into fishing, chat to Mike at Coffee Bay camping or any of the local fisherman and they’ll show you some the most awesome spots on the Wild Coast. You will also be able to buy fish, crayfish, mussels and oysters from the local fishermen.
      There is a general dealer much like Makro, about 20km on the main road to Coffee Bay, where you will be able to get most items. If you enjoy a glass of wine or a dop, take what you need with you as there is a very limited and expensive supply at the local bottle stores. Fresh fruit and veggies are also in short supply so try planing meals around that. There are braai facilities at every camp site. You can also have a braai on the grass verge at the beach. Enjoy. We will definitely be back.

      johnbotton May 26, 2013 at 9:51 am Reply

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