In Good Hands


In Good Hands kennels

In Good Hands kennels

15 January 2013 – 18 January 2013

So today, I didn’t mind going in the campervan because I could feel the excitement from Dad, Mom and Gypsey…..soon we would be arriving at our destination.    And here we are, Audrey came out to greet us, help with our beds and to show us to our new apartment.  Mom and Dad wanted to inspect it first, just to make sure we would be happy.  They like, we like J.

Next to us was a little girl pitpull, she looked so sad. Audrey told us that her human family had abandoned her in February last year….shame…how horrible can these humans be.  Our family would never, ever do that.  Gypsey and I decided we would cheer her up.   Next to our little girl pitbull was a huge red ridgeback.  He made alot of noise, I think he was very excited to see he had neighbours, but we couldn’t reach him to speak to him, so we had to bark and growl to say hello.  I think this is going to be a very nice place to be.

We said goodbye to Dad and Mom and settled down into our hotel life.  Audrey was really nice to us, she brought us some biltong and a biscuit after supper.  We were also allowed to play for half an hour in a run, so Gypsey and I had loads of fun.  We weren’t allowed to mix with the other dogs though because we had only just had our kennel cough injections.

The first morning, we were woken up bright and early.  We start very early in the hotel because Audrey has a lot of guests and they all need feeding.   She told Gypsey and I that she has 11 rotweilers that live on her property..we don’t particularly like rotties, they think they are tougher than bullies….so we weren’t allowed to meet them, but we could hear them, bark, bark, bark.  Is that all they are good for!!!!!!  Gypsey and I were very happy as Mom had organised our BARF, so we didn’t have to have those terrible kibble thingys that the other dogs say taste like sawdust, yuk.  We had great fun telling them about our BARF food, but they didn’t think their human family would feed them BARF cause it takes a bit more work than kibble and they seem to think it is too expensive, silly, it isn’t really, in fact, it actually turns out to be cheaper in the long run.

The time passed by very slowly, we began to miss our family by the end of the second day.   We hoped Dad and Mom would come soon.  It was really nice this hotel, but we missed the campervan…did I actually say that woof, woof.  Audrey told us Dad and Mom would be fetching us in the morning and we were very excited.   Audrey came to give us a bath and dip so that we would be all nice and clean for the big day.

The morning of our collection passed by quickly as we said goodbye to our new friends.  Lady pitbull was sad to see us go, she also wished some nice human family would come and adopt her soon, she loved Audrey and the hotel, but she also wanted to own somebody.   Our friend the ridgeback was leaving the next day, so it was time for his bath and dip too.  We heard the zook arrive and there round the corner was Dad….where was Mum.  Growl, woof.

We just about bowled Dad over, we were so excited to see him.  Then Gypsey saw Mum and her tail never stopped wagging for a minute.

Bye Audrey, thank you for a lovely time, hope we might see you again one day, who knows.

Our last night in PE, we were spending it at Family Willows again…oh no, do we have to fill in all the forms, again….wow we must be very special bullies.

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  1. that is just so cute, on how your dogs experienced their stay…cute haha lol!!

    Gisela Vetter January 27, 2013 at 9:28 pm Reply

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