The Wind Whistles Through The Willows

14 January 2013

Lunch in a PE shopping cntr car park

Lunch in a PE shopping cntr car park

So today we left Green Fountain, our friends the ostriches, the ducks, the Nguni cows and the zebras (those were those striped horses we saw when we first arrived). Wow, we have made so many new friends on our travels and we are only just beginning.
Back in the campervan, Dad announced we didn’t have far to go this time. I was so pleased to hear those words. We were on our way to PE and a caravan park called The Willows. Dad was right, it wasn’t a far drive at all, before long we were checking in and setting up. We are very important bullmastiffs because the Family Willows wanted all our details, including our pedigrees, our names, our ages. Mom had to fill out a motivational form as to why we should be allowed to accompany our family into this park. Strange humans, these are. Nonetheless, we arrived and did a quick scout around. A CAT….HA, what else…A MONKEY HA, what else……woof growl, nothing exciting from where we were sitting. Once again, because we were not staying longer than a night, we were confined to our playpen. Later on though we did have a really nice long walk around the campsite which was almost all beach and sea. Tomorrow we were being booked into our doggie hotel ‘In Good Hands’, we were so excited.

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