We Need a Rest After All The Stressss!

6th January 2013 – 7 January 2013

Chilling on the beach at Natures Rest

Chilling on the beach at Natures Rest

We left the backyard of the Fiat Family and headed to our next destination, the campsite called Natures Rest.  Wow, we were excited because here Dad and Mom promised we could run on the beach off lead and chase the oystercatchers and the seagulls.   We loved it.  I, as you all know now, don’t like the water much…no way was I going anywhere near those huge waves.  Gypsey,  loved the water and even tried to drink it….yuk it tastes like salt….but she loved lying in the water and getting her tummy wet.  We met another nice human couple from Switzerland Miriam and Guido. They told us about their doggies back home.  We really liked them both.  They loved to stroke our heads and give us snacks.

So, here again in Nature’s Rest were those pesky little creatures that call themselves Jack Russells.  Gyps and I walked past them, look at them skeef and they just about wet themselves woof, grrrr. Think they are rotties, then when you challenge them, they run a mile.  Ha! Just watch it, one day, one day grrrrrrr.

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