Xaxaza Caravan Park – Mtunzini

Xaxaza - Mtunzini

Xaxaza – Mtunzini

Xaxaza Caravan Park situated in the suburb of Mtunzini, about 50kms from Richards Bay is run by Noel and Merle Muller.  The caravan sites are grassed and some have their own abultion facility.  The general feeling of this park was ‘old and tired’.   The owners were often not available and the staff generally were on their own mission, resulting in our dustbins not being emptied regularly and the ablutions not cleaned properly. We had own own private facility. We arrived at Xaxaza round lunchtime on the 12 June 2013.  Had it not been for Mandy and Zillah advising them of our arrival, reception would have been  none the wiser, this was after me having sent an email a week beforehand to advise them of our pending arrival.  A lady was manning the Reception area as Noel and Merle were entertaining their overseas guests, so we were not shown to our campsite, merely given two keys for the ablutions and told to choose a bathroom.  Thank goodness again for Mandy and Zillah as they were able to point out a couple of sites available for us.   The sites had not been cleaned of debris, despite Mandy having asked reception and the ground staff to do so.  So, we arrived not feeling very welcome or very happy.

There is 3G connectivity which is sporadic, depending on whether there are billows of smoke in the air from the constant sugar cane burn.  This was definitely a big negative….we constantly felt like we had colds and many mornings woke up to find ash floating around in the air, covering our cars and campervans.

There are laundry facilities available.   Pay your R30 per load at reception, you will be given a tag which you then take to the laundry and present to the lady who is in charge of the washing.  Collect before 4pm sharp, otherwise you will have to collect next morning.  My experience….well….compared t our last washing experience at Lalanathi, there is just no comparison.  Lalanathi comes out tops.  Once again at Xaxaza, no supervision was present.

The price for a months visit was R1850, but definitley the worst caravan park we have stayed in, in the 7 months we have been on the road.  Comes with a zero recommendation from both John and I.

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